accelerating innovation and growth

FutureLab Fusion Method™
– a high-speed model for strategy work

A realistic, scrum based, open innovation model for development of
business and communication structures and processes


Observe - Plan

Strategic analysis; 

To understand current and converging logics of type of business and to narrate strategic scenarios for an organisation and for it’s current and potential partners of the value network.

Orient - Do

Innovation of business models; 

To visualise the logics of business for an operation and to define the value a company offers and to describe the business architecture, including networks and partners which are connected to the total offer.


Decide - Check

Process design; 

To understand and visualise the different levels of processes which are interlinked in an organisation or a project and to break down these to interoperable components (business services) and also to identify and describe how current or new technology can enable, automise and/or facilitate these processes.


Act - Implement

Change management; 

To plan and supervise transformation in organisations, in processes or technology, to secure a successful modification of a business model.